Apex Legends Season 15’s map to feature over a dozen POIs and will launch alongside a new type of cosmetic

Bring your customized Shield Cells over to Broken Moon in the next major update.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

New Legends and buffs often headline the start of each incoming Apex Legends season — but its next season will be far from typical content drops. Season 15: Eclipse will add terraformer Catalyst to its roster of Legends and a brand new Battle Royale map that will lend players over a dozen points of interest and different biomes. The free-to-play title is also roping in a never-before-seen cosmetic category that adds a touch of personality to healing items.

new gameplay trailer officially confirms that Season 15: Eclipse is set to debut with Broken Moon, a Battle Royale map with 14 named locations that are split by two different environments. The trailer reveals the moon having a desolate side with POIs surrounded by nothing but structures and dirt, while the other half is a luscious biome filled with colorful, healthy vegetation. Additionally, players should not anticipate too many hot drops, as its locations are said to be wider than previous maps’.

“We wanted to put some POIs on the map that give squads a chance to get a little more comfortable,” Respawn Entertainment lead level designer Jeff Shaw stated. “This often gives you more time to loot and more time to make proactive decisions.” Although Shaw asserted Broken Moon being “slightly larger” than World’s Edge, this should not be an issue for those with aggressive play-styles. The moon is also revealed to sport Zip Rails, a new form of transportation that provides easier rotations and faster movement speeds compared to the game’s traditional zip lines.

While partaking in Eclipse, Legends will also find themselves with a whole new level of customization. The trailer showcases the incoming implementation of Stickers, with Catalyst seemingly rocking a small Apex logo on her Shield Cell. The cosmetic type gives players the power to equip designs to any of their healing supplies, from Syringes to even Phoenix Kits. The gameplay trailer also points to Season 15’s Battle Pass carrying vibrant new outfits for Loba, Ash, Seer, Revenant, and of course, Catalyst. One snippet even displays Catalyst’s Battle Pass skin with a matching Reactive weapon that glows with each shot taken.

However, the game’s first trans woman Legend will likely be a popular choice for other reasons. A portion of the trailer displays Catalyst being able to reinforce doors with her ferrofluid abilities, leaving opponents struggling to break them open. This would be the third and final ability to be teased thus far. In the season’s reveal trailer, Catalyst was previously shown using ferrofluid to slow enemies and build a skyscraping wall that seemingly divides allies from foes.

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Although her abilities have yet to be fully disclosed, fans should know more about the Legend and Season 15: Eclipse before their arrival on November 1. This date won’t only mark the start of a new season, either. Apex Legends will also be adding gifting in this next update, a feature that will allow players to send cosmetics and bundles to friends on any platform.