Will MLB The Show 22 come to Xbox Game Pass on day one?

It pays to be a baseball fan on Xbox.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After MLB The Show 21 was revealed to release on Xbox Game Pass, many baseball fans believed it was solely because it was the first entry in the series to release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Now, with MLB the Show 22 stepping up to the plate in early April, will the series take another crack at the subscription service?

As revealed by Xbox Wire, MLB The Show 22’s Standard Edition will indeed launch on Xbox Game Pass for both Xbox One and Series X/S on the game’s release date, April 5. Even those without an Xbox console will be able to get in on the action, as the sports title will also roll out to Xbox Cloud Gaming — ultimately letting players stream the game from compatible smartphones and tablets.

Although it still isn’t clear if Game Pass owners will be able to rake in the same pre-order bonuses as those who purchase the Standard Edition, its last entry did give other benefits to Game Pass owners months after its release. For one, owning Xbox Game Pass occasionally granted MLB The Show 21 players free bundles of card parks to use in its Diamond Dynasty mode. As this sort of random giveaway has been a staple for PlayStation Plus members for years now, those playing MLB The Show 22 on Xbox Game Pass should once again expect some free DLC headed their way after release.

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When April 5 finally comes around, prepare to see Angels outfielder and pitcher Shohei Ohtani amongst the collection of titles in Game Pass, as the reigning AL MVP has officially been named the cover athlete of MLB The Show 22.