How to Set Up a Palword Dedicated Server

Palworld allows players to join up and create an efficient resource-generating creature farm together, but does it allow for private servers?

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Ever since Palworld was released, players have been blasting through the game, gaining levels, and making the best resource farms possible. However, the game’s servers aren’t massively stable, and players want to know about dedicated Palworld servers.

There are endless possibilities for playing around in Palworld massive open map. Each biome offers a new challenge and Pals get stronger and stronger the further from the starting area players venture. Going it alone is a slog and even groups of players can struggle. That’s why a dedicated server with dozens of people rotating in and out to slowly conquer the world is the best way forward.

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How Do You Set Up Dedicated Servers in Palworld?

Palworld Private Servers Header Image
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Yes, players can set up a private dedicated server in Palworld, but only using the Steam version of the game. Each server can host up to 32 players, which is more than enough to build efficient bases and start farming every resource the game world has to offer. We’ve outlined exactly how to do this below.

First, players must launch Palworld and install the Dedicated Server from the options in their Steam library. This won’t appear until the game has been launched once, and players can force it by enabling the tools for the game from their library if it doesn’t appear at first.

Once players see the Palworld Dedicate Server option, they must open it, the open, and then copy everything in there below line 3. This text is essential for setting up the server.

With that text copied, players now need to find their way through the file path PalServer\Pal\Saved\Config\WindowsServer to PalWorldSettings.ini and paste the text they’ve copied in. This is the bulk of the work, but there’s still something else that’s required to finish off the setup.

With the text copied and pasted, players now need to click save and launch the game again. Now, the game will give them the option to play on a dedicated server. Once players select that option and launch the game world, they’ll be in a dedicated server where they can invite friends to.

It’s important for players to give their server a unique name and password to stop any randoms from joining. This will also prevent anyone from hopping in to destroy the base or grief in other ways while players aren’t online. We recommend adding an admin password too, so that at least one player can boot problem players if they start to go against the group.

Finally, players will need their IPv4 address to invite others to join them. This can be found by searching online “what is my IPv4?”.This is another layer of complexity but it’ll help others join the server and make for an engrossing experience with so many trainers running around with their Pals.

    Developer PocketPair announced that dedicated servers would be available in the game in a pre-launch news post on Steam. This gave us and many others hope, and while setting up a private server requires a few more steps before playing the game, it’s worth the work for the effort spared by a large group.

    Note that if there are server issues with Palworld, all players will be affected. Usually, the problems will be broadcast by the developer on Twitter, but it’s always worth bearing in mind that if a dedicated server isn’t working, there could be a bigger problem players aren’t able to fix until the game is working once more.

    Why Can’t You Have Private Servers in Palworld on Xbox?

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    It’s not possible to create a private dedicated server in Palworld on Xbox at the time of writing due to the nature of updating it. There are several differences between the Xbox and PC versions of Palworld, and these also contribute to why it’s currently not possible to set up a private server for a group of players across console and PC.

    What Is Pocketpair’s Experience With Private Servers?

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    Pocketpair has another a game with both co-op multiplayer and private servers, and that game is Craftopia. While there was a lot to like about this game and its ability to host private servers, there was a long period of time when the experience was less than optimal. These issues were addressed in future updates and patches, but not all of them were fixed, and these issues are still something people should be aware of before diving headfirst into Palworld.

    So far, we’ve seen very few reports of players having issues with private dedicated servers in Palworld. It’s an encouraging sign because even though the game is quite unfinished in many ways, it’s got the infrastructure to keep players in it for hundreds of hours while they grind out levels and discover everything there is to see.

    Any players who want to learn more about Palworld should read through our complete guide. This is where we’ve collected all the information we’ve learned through hundreds of hours of gameplay that we believe all fans should know.