How to Automate Wood, Stone & Red Berry Farming Fast in Palworld

The most important thing to do in Palworld is automate the production of Wood, Stone, and Berries as fast as possible.

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As players jump into the massive map Palworld has to offer, they’ll quickly realize a good chunk of the game is about grinding resources and upgrading their base. While this can be automated so it doesn’t take up too much time, that’s only possible if players upgrade and build deliberately.

On the surface, Palworld is yet another game about capturing monsters and completing a collection of all of them from around its world. However, there’s much more to the game than this, with a deep progression system linked to the base and Pal Box that players must work through if they want to stand any chance of battling and capturing the biggest and most powerful Pals in the game. All of this comes down to automating the gathering of Wood, Stone, and Red Berries quickly so players can get on with exploring.

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How to Farm Wood Quickly in Palworld

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To quickly farm Wood in Palworld, players must purchase and build the Logging Site technology as soon as they hit Level 6. It requires 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 10 Paldium Fragments. This is the best investment we made in the game because up until we had it, we were constantly chopping trees down to get more.

To make the Logging Site run smoothly while players are away, they must have a Pal at their base with the Lumbering skill. This took us ages to find, and in the end, we only managed to get one by hatching an Eikthyrdeer with the skill.

Players should note that they will get the best results from their farming if they focus on only using Pals with one skill, such as mining for Stone farming, logging for Wood farming, and watering, seeding, or harvesting for Red Berry farming.

How to Farm Stone Quickly in Palworld

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To farm stone quickly in Palworld, players need to purchase and build the Stone Pit as soon as they hit level 7. To build it, they’ll need 50 Stone, 20 Wood, and 10 Paldium Fragments. They’ll also need Pals with the Mining skill in their base to ensure it’s being used while they’re away.

The Stone Pit was the first piece of automation we set up in our base, and it changed the way we played. It allowed us to focus on gathering Wood and Paldium, getting more to bring home instead of splitting our weight between three resources.

If players can build their base where Stone nodes will spawn, then they can benefit from those in their automation too. Any Pals with the mining skill will automatically head over and start gathering Stone from the nearest source. So players can optimize their Stone gathering by pulling more Pals with the mining skill from their Pal Box and letting them go nuts on every source available if they want a boost to that resource.

Players can build multiple bases around the map in Palworld. We’ve used this to automate the mining of Paldium Fragments, Stone, Ore, Sulpher, and everything else that comes from rocks. However, this creates an issue in that the resources gathered in one base are only available in that base. They can’t be accessed from any base. Without increasing the player character’s carry capacity, it’s impossible to transport large stacks of any mined material between bases.

We suggest players split the stacks of materials they want into smaller stacks and use the Pal Box to fast travel between their bases and offload the resources they have at the base where they need them. This will ensure players can quickly build any structure or service they need without having to travel long distances or spend hours mining.

How to Farm Red Berries in Palworld Quickly

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To farm Red Berries quickly in Palworld, players must unlock and build the Berry Plantation as soon as they hit Level 5. A later Pal Box upgrade requires two of these, so we recommend building both as soon as possible.

The Berry Plantation doesn’t ask for anything fancy, just three Berry Seeds, acquired by gathering Red Berries, 20 Wood, and 20 Stone. Once the Berry Plantation has been built, players should ensure they have Pals in their base with the Watering and Planting skills. If they don’t, they’ll have to manually seed and water the plantations, and that takes too long.

Once the Berry Plantations are up and running with a Pal planting and watering them and other Pals harvesting the fruit when it’s ready, players should make sure they have a Feed Box for their Pals to dump the Red Berries in. This ensures all Pals always have a constant supply of food while players are out exploring, so they don’t come home to a disaster.

We encountered an issue after a while where Pals would become hungry even though they were harvesting Red Berries. The first issue was that the feed Box became inaccessible due to the way we’d placed other structures.

The second issue cropped up when the stack of Red Berries almost reached 1,000. When this happens, the number seems to roll over for the Pals because they won’t eat the berries anymore. We had to split out the Red Berries into smaller stacks so they’d get eaten and keep our Pals happy.

All of these farming methods can be applied to other resources, such as Wheat and Pumpkins. After mastering farming Stone, Wood, and Red Berries early on, players are setting themselves up to be able to farm every resource they require as they progress.

All players hoping to progress a little faster in Palworld should read our complete guide to get an idea of how to do everything they could be missing. There, we’ve collected our best guides for the early game and well into the late game so players can get some assistance no matter where they are with it.