Will There Be a Devil May Cry 6?

Over the years, Dante has kicked demon tails all over multiple worlds. With the last entry, DMC 5, released in 2019, will we see Devil May Cry 6?

Image via Capcom

Ever since Devil May Cry’s debut in 2001, there’s been something about the wisecracking, gun-toting, oversized sword-wielding half-demon mercenary Dante. Fans can’t get over his escapades, along with the fast and stylish action combat he brings to each entry. Over time, the DMC series has introduced many other playable characters, each with their playstyle and backstory, but nothing has come close to the original leading demon.

Unfortunately, the cast’s last adventure ended in 2019, and there has been no sign of Devil May 6 in the works since. The last we’ve seen of the protagonist, he seems pretty busy with his family and a few visitors in the demon world. This ending doesn’t leave developers with much direction for future sequels, but they must get our boy Dante “back in the game,” literally.

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Dante in Devil May Cry 6: How Do We Move On?

Image via Capcom

While Dante is busy in another realm, the story could go many different ways. One direction could be a new adventure in the Demon World itself. We have yet to explore all the rules of the Demon World, so perhaps there’s a way to emulate the classic castle in Devil May Cry 1. This idea can give players and Dante a sense of Deja Vu and serve as a lengthy tutorial that can eventually lead to Dante returning home. This event would be an excellent way to celebrate 25 years of Devil May Cry with a touch of nostalgia.

Devil May Cry 6: What About Nero?

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Another option would be to continue the story of Nero, as he gains some new weapons at the end of Devil May Cry 5. Nero has always been the most fleshed-out character, along with Dante, and his growth throughout each game since his debut in part four is noticeable. Maybe we can go on another adventure with him and Nico as they search for a way to free Dante and Vergil. We’d even take a remake, like the successful Resident Evil series.

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Capcom hasn’t announced anything for Devil May Cry franchise yet, but the success of the last title, Devil May Cry 5, has most likely helped the studio. The game’s development has switched hands multiple times throughout the series, but nothing can kill Dante but Capcom themselves, so hopefully, something is brewing in the background. If all else fails, a spinoff sequel involving Trish and Lady would be welcome to tide us over until the next big release.