Final Fantasy XVI combat isn’t far from Devil May Cry 5, down to the jump cancel

Keep your enemies airborne for some fun combos.

Image via PlayStation YouTube

Square Enix has recently conducted a media event to preview Final Fantasy XVI to fans before its release in June. Influencers were invited to Japan to play a demo showcasing the real-time action-orientated gameplay that the entry is doubling down on. Those who managed to preview the game are comparing the combat to Devil May Cry 5, including Eikons filling the role of Styles, the inclusion of a training mode, and the ability to jump cancel to chain aerial combos.

Devil May Cry 5 fans emphasize that combat is the standout component of the title. Final Fantasy XVI’s gameplay functions in a similar capacity according to GamerBraves. Clive’s main combat flow in FFXVI involves channeling different Eikon abilities (also known as summons) to change up the flow in combat, which essentially functions in a similar manner to Styles from Devil May Cry 5. In the demo, Phoenix gives Clive a dash, Garuda speeds up the pace of combat with quick strikes, and Titan packs powerful slower attacks and a parry ability. Players must switch between these Eikons at will to create devastating combos.

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Clive can also gain abilities to launch enemies into the air, allowing players to perform aerial combos and keep them going via jump canceling, a staple in Devil May Cry. Clive cannot keep this up for very long, but his dog companion, Torgal, can be controlled by the player to perform combos that help keep enemies airborne. Players wanting to perfect this will be able to access a training mode similar to The Void from Devil May Cry 5.

Final Fantasy XVI is not entirely like Devil May Cry 5, however. There is no such thing as delay combos in the game, and the player is able to purchase and utilize different Eikon abilities via an upgrade and mastery system. There is even a component that allows further customization by placing different Eikon abilities onto other Eikon forms.

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Final Fantasy XVI also features many larger-than-life kaiju-inspired Eikon fights. While the developers are emphasizing that the combat is fun and accessible for everyone, they are doing away with difficulty settings in favor of utilizing accessories to lessen the burdens of combat. One thing is for sure, combat is looking fantastic in Final Fantasy XVI, and we can’t wait to try it out this summer.