Final Fantasy XVI Introduces Features To Welcome Non-Action Gamers

New features will ensure every player can enjoy the game, regardless of skill.

image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI will be a more action focussed offering than other entries to the series and will feature high-octane combat more akin to games like Devil May Cry. To some, that is an intimidating prospect, and there are plenty of players who may feel put off by that kind of description and gameplay.

Luckily, Square Enix has taken steps to ensure that no matter your experience with the genre or series, you’ll enjoy your time with the game thanks to a slew of features and additions that will be included right from the start.

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Final Fantasy XVI Offers Gameplay Options for Less Experienced Players

In today’s State of Play live stream, we got an extensive look at many aspects of the upcoming title, including combat, story, and activities for players to do. Alongside those, we also received details on the range of options and tools that Final Fantasy XVI will have to help players who may be less experienced with games. The first option we see is with abilities, where players who may struggle with what abilities to choose and upgrade can let the game decide for them and will automatically purchase certain slots using their Ability Points.

Another is a selection of Accessories that will be available for you to equip that will tweak and alter certain aspects of gameplay The gameplay footage shows us an example of this with the Ring of Timely Focus and Ring of Timely Strikes, which allows players a bit more time to perform dodges and evasions, as well as letting players perform multiple attacks and actions with a single button. On top of that, there is a difficulty setting called Story Focussed mode, which will automatically equip certain Accessories from the start of the game and put a heavier focus on the story, providing a more relaxed experience for those who want to enjoy the narrative.

All these options will give a wider range of players the chance to experience Final Fantasy XVI, whether they are veteran fans or just jumping into the series, regardless of their skill. We always love good accessibility, and it looks like Square Enix has put in the effort to give it to players. Now it’s just a little while longer until the game is here and we can experience it ourselves. Final Fantasy XVI will release for the PlayStation 5 on June 22.