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Minecraft: Top 10 Worst Seeds for MC Challenge Runs

The best Minecraft seeds if you want the hardest and worse possible challenge.

Minecraft’s world generation is truly a marvel, featuring a captivating array of breathtaking landscapes and terrains. With countless seeds to explore, players are bound to stumble upon both stunning vistas and daunting challenges. While most seeds offer breathtaking beauty, there are a handful that truly test the mettle of even the most seasoned players. Behold, the absolute worst Minecraft seeds that have ever been uncovered, ready to push your skills and resource gathering abilities to the limit!

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10. Seed: -8797864507945267686

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This is a good world if you like a serious challenge and building underwater. You spawn in the middle of a large ocean with a small sand strip as the only land nearby. There are a few tiny desert islands spotted around the spawn point and a small glacier area. Be careful to avoid the Ocean Monument right next to the spawn, or the guardians will give you a nasty surprise.

9: Seed: -1595926131

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This seed drops you onto a small island surrounded by other tiny islands in the middle of a large ocean. There aren’t any trees near spawn, and it is difficult to find diamonds and other valuable materials early on. You will need to swim for a good while before you can find the basic necessities. Making matters worse, if you choose to stay at this spawn, the lack of available real estate will limit the size and complexity of any potential builds.

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8. Seed: 619717398

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Like most other ocean-bound seeds on this list, you spawn out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by a handful of islands. Most survival islands are challenging to begin with, but this one is widely considered to be the hardest.

For starters, there is no wood within 1000 blocks of spawn, making the first push for tools nearly impossible without the aid of a bonus chest. After finding tools, however, the initial island has a flooded cave with no ores that you can use, complicating long-term survival.

There is a small shipwreck within 150 blocks of spawn that you can use as a small wood source. The problem is that you will have to compete with the drowned and your own air supply to get it. Your best bet for getting started is hoping that the chest in the shipwreck or in one of the nearby ocean ruins has a useful item.

7. Seed: 1256894139

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This seed isn’t so much challenging as it is just plain broken. You spawn in a small plains biome with plenty of wood, but the surrounding biomes are either barren deserts or filled with coarse dirt, limiting how much farming can be done in the area. The regions surrounding the initial spawn are shattered.

This seed seems to have an added knack for natural verticality. For instance, there are huge randomly generated spires and floating islands that break up the biomes and leave the world difficult to traverse. There is a small village about 1000 blocks away from spawn, but you will have to do a fair bit of pillaring to get to any of its buildings.

6. Seed: -1228262971672933954

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Yes, this seed is actually a single dirt block floating in a vast, barren ocean. While initially difficult, it can be a lot of fun to play for players who enjoy long-distance travel. You spawn on a grass block in the middle of the ocean. There are only desert islands immediately around spawn. You would have to swim for several hundred blocks before you can find the nearest inhabitable island.

Within 1000 blocks of the spawn are some ocean ruins and an island covered in flowers. There is also an underwater nether portal. While there is plenty to explore and loot underwater, the drowned will pose a constant threat.

5. Seed: 1419248176

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This seed is mainly for jokes. Maybe one to send your friends to as a prank. Once you spawn into this seed, you will immediately be faced with a pit of lava from an underground-based area. You will never get the chance to see anything in this seed because you will spend the whole time spawning and respawning…a constant cycle that doesn’t break. However, if you hop into the creative mode, you will be able to take a look at what’s around, but that would be the only way.

4. Seed: 3319325537721648691

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This is definitely a bad Minecraft seed. Not only will you spawn around a lot of water, but you will see a single rock island, and that’s it. The rest is nothing but water all around. This could be a world that hardcore survivalists in Minecraft might want to give a shot to, but it doesn’t look promising. Building in creative mode, though, you could definitely create a magical underwater and above-water home base.

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3. Seed: -159882426600678014

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This is another seed that times place around water, giving little land for its players. These types of seeds can be really cool if you are planning to survive Minecraft purely in the ocean, but overall that won’t be a fun experience. That especially won’t be a fun experience in this seed as there is hardly anything around.

2. Seed: -190350975

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Now, if you love some desert biomes in Minecraft, then this is the seed for you, but unfortunately, a lot of the land doesn’t have anything. There is a temple, but sand is burying many parts of this world. For example, not far from the spawn, about 10 blocks away, is a desert temple. However, it is buried by sand.

1. Seed: 1350192798

Image via ChunkBase

Lastly, this seed is nothing. And we mean nothing. There is nothing around, just sand and water. It is a completely flat area beside one single sand block sitting out of the ground. This seed doesn’t have anything for you to survive off of unless you go and try to find some fish in the water.

Unfortunately, a lot of Minecraft seeds are just not workable for survival while many other places can be workable for creative mode.

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