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Marvel Snap is making it easier for players to unlock newer cards with Series Drops

Who knew a demotion could be so good?

Developer Second Dinner has again exhibited its commitment to continuously improving Marvel Snap by implementing a new mechanic called Series Drops. This newly introduced element essentially moves a specific set of cards into a lower tier, allowing players to acquire them much more quickly.

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The first collection of characters involved in Marvel Snap’s initial upcoming Series Drop includes popular units such as Black Panther, Shuri, and Bast, all of whom are moving from Series 5 to Series 4. Additionally, several Series 4 heroes will similarly be moving to a lower tier, with She-Hulk, Titania, and the Absorbing Man set to descend to Series 3.

The official developer blog post explains that the cards that Series Drop will “become 10x more common in Collector’s Reserves” and much cheaper in the Token Shop. The studio plans to do a Series Drop every month, but each release requires a patch to go along with it, so dates may vary.

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The patch that will go along with the first Series Drop is currently being planned for release on January 31. A new feature that enables players to battle friends will apparently also be introduced by then. However, Second Dinner notes that this release date may be subject to change if any unforeseen issues occur between now and then.

The official blog post also addresses the studio’s decision-making process in choosing which cards to include in Series Drops. Cards that have been in a particular Series the longest are usually the ones that are included. However, there are a couple of notable exceptions that will seemingly never undergo these demotions. These two cards are called “The Big Bads,” and this duo includes everyone’s favorite supervillains: Galactus and Thanos.

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