Far Cry 5: Here's How Much Time It Takes To Cross Hope County On Foot

Far Cry 5 - Time It Takes To Travel Hope County On Foot

Far Cry 5's map looks huge, but how big is it actually? Youtuber Conor Kearney asked himself this question and offered a pretty competent response in his latest video, where he spills all the beans about the topic.

As you know, the game is set in Montana, specifically in a fictitious location called Hope County. According to Kearney, it takes around 216 hours to cross the entire real Montana on foot; in the game, it takes only 54 minutes.

Far Cry 5 - Time It Takes To Travel Hope County On Foot

Interestingly, Ubisoft has been quite consistent when it came to building the maps for the Far Cry series, as the last few games that have been developed at its own studios (so without taking into account the first game from Crytek) take more or less the same amount of time to cross.

These are the stats (excluding the Blood Dragon spin-off):

  • Far Cry 2: 48 minutes
  • Far Cry 3: 49 minutes
  • Far Cry 4: 48 minutes
  • Far Cry Primal: 42 minutes

So, Far Cry 5 is only slightly bigger than  the previously bigger map in the series, which is Far Cry 3's, and it's definitely distant from the biggest map in video games: it takes around 12 hours to cross half a world on foot in No Man's Sky, while the biggest effort from Ubisoft is Ghost Recon Wildlands (5 hours, 10 minutes).

Far Cry 5 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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