God of War PS4 Early Players Claim Main Story Takes 19 Hours To Complete

God of War Story Takes 19 Hours To Complete

God of War copies are in the hands of selected outlets in Europe and North America, and this is allowing us to have more information about several aspects Sony and Santa Monica Studio haven't been really clear or didn't want to provide too many details. Among one of the most interesting we can find sure enough the length of the title, which has been set at around 43+ hours by Cory Barlog during a recent interview with Kinda Funny Games.

God of War Story Takes 19 Hours To Complete

In that occasion, it wasn't detailed whether that playtime was covering the main story and all the secondary activities, or else. Well, thanks to the press copies, we have a chance to look more in-depth at this information.

User DayRider1 has issued a post on Reddit, detailing that “game length is 19 hours without doing any side activities/mini bosses and focusing just on the story.” User 310DDiddy added that he completed the game in 18 hours and 45 minutes.

It is worth noting that the initial statement from Barlog, which was released back at PlayStation Experience 2017, claimed that the game's length was set at around 25-35 hours, which is quite close to the final amount.

God of War is releasing on April 20 for PS4. Review embargo lifts off on April 12.

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