First Early God of War PS4 Review Is Fake, Says Santa Monica Studio

First God of War Review Is Fake - Dev

Yesterday, a Turkish website called LeaderGamer has issued a first very early review of the upcoming PS4 exclusive God of War. While we don't know the rating, the review was later brought down after a request coming from the local PlayStation division.

First God of War Review Is Fake - Dev

What's interesting, though, is that even a developer from Santa Monica Studio commented the release of the review, hinting at the fact it was completely fake and not based on the proper game releasing on April 20.

Sean Gilley, the animator at the Californian studio, said that "the review is fake, trust me on this guys. You'll see soon enough. Keep a copy of it, so you can laugh at it later."

Santa Monica Dev On God of War First Review

Again, we don't know either the score nor the content of the review, but considering this kind of reaction there must have been some relevant mistakes in it. Possibly, the reviewer didn't play any of the titles and launched an article just to have more visibility.

God of War's reviews are launching tomorrow, so we'll be able to learn more about what happened quite soon.

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