Destiny 2 teaser video reveals the name of the next expansion—Forsaken


Bungie has released a short teaser trailer for tomorrow's Destiny 2 Year 2 livestream, and it reveals the name for the game's next expansion—Forsaken.

The short teaser doesn't show much, but it's enough to get the game's community hyped for tomorrow's stream of what's to come. The video shows a player character, a Hunter, and Vanguard member Cayde-6 landing in a familiar location—The Reef from Destiny 1.

The Reef was a small social space from the first game's House of Wolves expansion, and it was home to a number of vendors, including Brother Vance for Trials of Osiris, Variks for House of Judgment, and Petra Venj for the Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov.

Since the expansion looks like it will star The Reef, it's possible that Variks and Petra could be making a return, along with Queen Mara Sov, who was last believed to be dead in an explosion from the beginning of The Taken King, Destiny 1's large-scale Year 2 expansion.

It's also likely that the DLC will mark the return of Uldren, the Queen's brother, since hints have been dropping throughout Destiny 2 that he also survived the explosion and landed somewhere on Mars.

Tomorrow's livestream will fully pull back the curtain on Forsaken, as well as other changes that players can expect for Year 2 of Destiny 2, which is set to begin in September. When the stream is over, it's also likely that more will be seen of Forsaken at E3 because Destiny has a habit of showing up during PlayStation's E3 conferences.

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