Bannerfall Returns to Destiny 2's Iron Banner This Tuesday


On Tuesday, May 22, another week of Iron Banner will kick off in Destiny 2. This special PvP mode taking place in the Crucible will pit Guardians against each other in a 6v6 fashion again. Alongside the 6v6 mode made popular with the original Iron Banner, Bungie is bringing back the map Bannerfall. This symmetric map was a fan favorite in the past and we’re excited to see what tweaks Bungie has made to bring it forward.

While the images teased by Bungie show off the damage caused by the Cabal attack on the Bannerfall tower, players are already speculating about what, if any, structural changes await us this Tuesday. Bannerfall’s calling card was that the map was essentially a mirror image of each other, providing a very level playing field, no matter what team you were placed on.

Bannerfall confirmed returning on Tuesday! from DestinyTheGame

Certainly, the addition of having 6v6 players in Iron Banner again will appease some players, but it is clear that Bungie still has a long way to go until Destiny 2 can regain the hearts and minds of its player base. One does not have to look further than a comment or two to see that the community is still upset about the lack of content, even after the recent Warmind DLC release.

Bannerfall Returns to Destiny 2's Iron Banner This Tuesday
Dev Roadmap May 16Bungie • Fair Use

If nothing else, it appears that Bungie is at least aware that they need to keep moving forward if they have any chance of regaining the community’s trust. The recently released roadmap update outlines changes and new features coming this summer and fall. Frankly, it still looks a little bit light, and I can only imagine the uproar that will come when Bungie announces the next large DLC, which will no longer be covered under its season pass.

Until then, however, Bannerfall will be a welcome addition to the Iron Banner rotation, and perhaps there’ll be some nice looking armor up for grabs. Until I can get my hands on that Escalation Protocol armor, I’ll have to settle for the various Iron Banner pieces. I guess.

Iron Banner returns this Tuesday, May 22, at 10 a.m. PDT.

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