Pokémon Go Crossover With One Piece Anime; Straw Hat Pikachu Will Appear On July 22

A surprise Pokémon Go event crossovers with the One Piece anime; players get the chance to encounter a straw hat-wearing Pikachu.

Serebii reports that starting on July 22nd at 04:00 UTC, a special Pikachu wearing a straw hat will begin appearing in Pokémon Go. A straw hat outfit will also be made available for players’ trainer avatars to wear.

The straw hat Pikachu and outfit event go away on July 29th at 04:00 UTC. According to Serebii, the event is worldwide.

One Piece is a fantastical show based on a manga that centers on a crew of pirates who sail across the seas to find the ultimate treasure. While the show has found some success overseas, it is incredibly popular in Japan.

The Pokémon Go event is celebrating One Piece’s 22nd anniversary and the 3rd anniversary for Go. The straw hat is the signature wardrobe of the One Piece’s lead character, Luffy.

A One Piece statue will get placed in Kumamoto, Japan, during this event. At the statue, there will be a special PokéStop that features art from Eiichiro Oda, author of the One Piece manga.

This status is getting placed to support Kumamoto after a severe earthquake hit the city in 2016.

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