Pokémon Go: Shadow Pokémon Can Be Shiny

Serebii reports that there are sightings of shiny Shadow Pokémon in the latest patch for Pokémon Go.

Earlier today, Pokémon Go had a patch that implemented Team Go Rocket and Shadow Pokémon in the game. Team Go Rocket is the same as Team Rocket in video games and anime; they are an evil organization that tries to kidnap Pokémon and want to conquer the world.

Players can encounter a Team Go Rocket Grunt if they come across a PokéStop that is highlighted in grey on the GPS map. Once you encounter a grunt, you can battle them in a 3v3 Pokémon match. The Grunt will use Shadow Pokémon, which are special kind of Pokémon that have a black aura surrounding them. These Shadow Pokémon know the move Frustration. You capture the Shadow Pokémon once you've beaten the Grunt. You can "purify" Shadow Pokémon with Stardust and Candies, and the move Frustration is replaced with Return.

Serebii reveals that there have been reports that Shiny Shadow Pokémon have been spotted in the game. Only Shadow Pokémon who were capable of being shiny already in Go can be found in their shiny form. That means players have the opportunity to capture Shadow Pokémon in their shiny forms.

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