All New And Returning Players Will Be Boosted To 750 Power For Destiny 2's Shadowkeep

Destiny 2

The Director's Cut Part II arrived today, and the franchise's director Luke Smith has more to say regarding the future of Destiny 2. One noteworthy feature is all players will get boosted to 750 Power, so when they enter the new chapter of the game, everyone is the same. 

Smith said he and his team want all players to start together when Shadowkeep opens. This change means that every single item in the game rises to the new Power floor of 750 when Shadowkeep and New Light launch. Every item players are carrying will go to 750 Power. 

How does this immediately affect players? You should stop worrying about trying to infuse your items and let anything with good rolls stack up until they all get a free boost. It also means the real game now becomes about stacking up currency and resources to get you off to the best possible start for the next stage in the game.

I think this is terrific news. New Light may bring a lot of new players into Destiny 2, and not having them feel so far behind from others who have been playing. It's excellent news for new players to experience.

This change also opens up all available content for newer players. It means new players have plenty of choices about what to do in the game. If they love that first day, they can pick up Shadowkeep and jump straight into the newest and most relevant content with their friends. As Smith points out in the director's cut, sometimes the difference in Power means unexpected and unwanted divisions happen in the player base. People are considered to have different goals. 

This planned Power boost cuts out the middle man where the game's Bounties provided players with boosted gear.

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