50 Cent hints at a Grand Theft Auto project with a Vice City image – could it be GTA 6 or something else?

New songs on the way? Or is he backing a show?

Image via Rockstar Games

50 Cent is getting people talking about the future of Grand Theft Auto again by bringing up Vice City. As is the case anytime the Miami-inspired location is mentioned, players are very excited to know what the rapper is referring to. This could refer to a new song or on-screen role in the upcoming GTA 6, but there is a chance for something else to come out of this. That said, we wouldn’t get our hopes up for a Blood on the Sands remaster.

The conversation started with a simple image share on 50 Cent’s Instagram account, where we see the familiar neon pink font for Vice City in front of a palm tree. The image is only accompanied by a caption saying he will explain later. Unfortunately, the teases currently stop there, but this isn’t the first time a rapper has been hinting at a Rockstar project.

In 2021, rumors began spreading that Dr. Dre was working on new songs for the next Grand Theft Auto game, only for it to be a collaboration for a new expansion in GTA Online. While people enjoyed the content in this game, still not getting any news on GTA 6 seemed to disappoint the community, to say the least.

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The last time Grand Theft Auto 6 was in the news, we were all focused on the massive leaks showing off how the game looked early in development. Because of this, we know that the game is set in a more modern version of Vice City, which obviously makes us point to 50 Cent’s post being to do with the new game. That being said, rumors have been rumbling that there is a Vice City television show in the works and that 50 Cent could be involved there rather than a video game.

Whether 50 Cent is working on a show for Vice City in Grand Theft Auto or makes an appearance in GTA 6, it is pretty apparent that fans are ready to hear just about anything involving the upcoming projects. However, we would caution people to not expect to hear much about the game for at least a couple of more years, and thus we would probably say this being a show is the better possibility.