A Minecraft x Crocs crossover now lets you wear the ugly shoes in Minecraft too

The collaboration of the century.

Image via Mojang

A recent post from Minecraft’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Minecraft will be collaborating with the infamous shoe brand Crocs, with the collaboration going live on February 16. The video shows that the shoes can be worn in both “relaxed” and “sport” modes, allowing players to pick and choose their preferred style. To access the iconic footwear themselves, players will need to register on the Crocs website with their mobile phone numbers.

The webpage also mentions “future drops,” hinting that more Minecraft x Crocs crossovers may be available in the future. Users who sign up will be notified of any updates regarding any future collaborations between Minecraft and Crocs.

The tweet from the Minecraft account has yielded mixed reactions. Some users have replied to the tweet with disappointment, feeling as though they’re unable to escape the Crocs brand, which has gained a reputation as a repeated subject of memery and vitriol across the internet. However, a majority of players appear to be highly anticipating the new release, with several replies showcasing just how excited some people are for the crossover. Whether the Minecraft Crocs are an ironic meme or an iconic fashion statement has yet to be decided.

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Although it may appear to be out of the blue, fans of the Crocs brand might have seen this collaboration coming. Minecraft and Crocs have successfully partnered in the past, with the latter brand creating shoes that feature some of the game’s most recognizable characters. Crocs even carry Minecraft Jibbitz, allowing further shoe customization. With that being said, it seems like the success of the Minecraft shoe line could have influenced the introduction of Crocs into the game’s customization options.