A misunderstanding has Overwatch 2 players up in arms about “misleading rewards”

The difference between Coins and Credits is small, but important.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A portion of the Overwatch 2 community is accusing Blizzard of implementing “misleading rewards” after the game reintroduced Overwatch Credits as a free currency to unlock older skins. These people thought they were getting the premium currency for free and are upset that they can’t use it on new content and future battle passes. The confusion seems to be centered around players not understanding the difference between Coins and Credits, which, to be fair, could have been handled better with their naming conventions and representation in the game.

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Overwatch Coins are the main currency in the game, allowing you to buy items in the in-game shop. This currency is, for the most part, only acquired by purchasing them. Overwatch Credits are the currency carried over from the original Overwatch game and, as of this season, can now be earned in the free and premium tiers of the battle pass. While Coins can be spent on any item in the shop, Credits can only get you older cosmetics that were introduced in the first game.

When you go into the store or hero gallery and look at an item to buy, Credits are denoted as a white currency, with Coins being shown in gold. However, when you go into the battle pass, the symbol that shows the Credits you can earn is gold, confusing people into thinking they can use that on premium content.

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To incentivize people to buy their battle passes, many games nowadays will include currency that can be applied to premium content. This is likely what players had in mind for the Season 3 changes in Overwatch 2. Anyone who played a lot of the first Overwatch has built up tons of Credits because they were given out so freely in loot boxes for six years. While this change is really nice for new players, it is another example of the game not rewarding returning players.