AEW name drops its console game following Dynamite – AEW: Fight Forever

This lines up with a previous trademark of the same name.

Image via AEW Games

It looks like we know the official title of AEW’s console game. Following the broadcast of Dynamite on TBS, AEW CEO Tony Khan revealed the game will be called AEW: Fight Forever, according to fans in attendance via WrestlingInc. This lines up with AEW’s previous trademark from March 21 of the same name, at the time there was no hint in the description of what game it would be used for but guess we know now.

Fans at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh also got a chance to be featured in the video game as AEW recorded some chants, footage, and audio at the arena for the video game. According to some in attendance, chants including “FTR,” “Cash,” “Dax,” “Boom,” “Bay Bay,” “Adam Page,” and “Sting” were recorded.

It’s been a long road to the development of AEW: Fight Forever as the project came into existence in 2020 thanks to the collaboration between AEW EVP Kenny Omega, AEW Games personnel, and long-time WWE game developer Yuke’s. The upcoming game’s “Fight Forever” subtitle is in reference to a fondly used chant at wrestling shows. It is used by fans to show appreciation to the wrestlers who put on an absolute clinic for those in attendance.

Omega revealed back in February, that the team is working to give fans a better look at the game soon, hopefully, we’ll get more of a look at create-a-wrestler options, game modes, and its roster as only six wrestlers are currently confirmed. No official release date has been announced. It was initially slated for 2023, but a recent report revealed that AEW may be aiming to release the game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S this September.