How to Get & Throw Snowskulls in Dead by Daylight Bone Chill 2023

Snowskulls have returned to Dead by Daylight’s Bone Chill 2023 event, and this guide shows you how to find and use them.

How to get and use Snowskulls in Dead by Daylight

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Dead by Daylight’s holiday event is back, the Bone Chill 2023. Here, you have the opportunity to earn several rewards throughout December 2023, and you can earn many of them by participating in public games and using Snowskulls.

Snowskulls are a type of snowball that you can find while attempting to elude the Killer in Dead by Daylight. They appear throughout the map, and you may need to use them to complete quests for Bone Chill 2023, earning you Frosty Tickets. Here’s what you need to know about how to get and use Snowskulls in Dead by Daylight’s Bone Chill 2023 event.

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Where to Find Snowskulls in Dead by Daylight

How to get Snowskulls in Dead by Daylight Bone Chill 2023
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Snowskulls have the chance to appear throughout each map in Dead by Daylight during Bone Chill 2023. They appear as small piles of snow that you can approach and interact with, collecting a handful of Snowskulls that you can utilize.

You can step up to any Snowskull pile you find during your Dead by Daylight match, collect the snowballs, and then freely use them. When you run out of Snowskull, you must seek another pile to collect more to use during your match. You can use a Snowskull against any Survivor or Killer you see in your match, but hitting them can be a bit tricky, which is the true difficulty if you’re trying to grab your Frosty Tickets. Plus, they’re a great way to reveal Killers trying to hide in the snow people.

How to Use Snowskulls in Dead by Daylight

The way you throw Snowskulls is by clicking the interact button in Dead by Daylight, and then they soar at an upward angle. Rather than being a direct path from the front of your character to the target, a Snowskull is “tossed” and thrown in that direction. I struggled with trying to throw them in my first handful of matches but quickly picked up the best way to use them for Bone Chill 2023.

You want to be a short distance away from your target. If you’re too close to what you want to hit, it’s pretty easy to miss them and instead go behind them. The exact distance can be tricky, and you may need to play multiple Dead by Daylight matches to increase your accuracy with a Snowskull. Thankfully, they’re all over the map for each game you play in Dead by Daylight, giving you plenty of options to practice as a Survivor or a Killer.