All skins, back blings, emotes and cosmetics from Fortnite update 13.40

Everything that will be new to the Item Shop over the coming weeks.

Fortnite Bots

Fortnite’s 13.40 update has arrived, and with it comes all manner of new files for data miners to dig through. As always, huge thanks to data miner Lucas7Yoshi who manages to get all these pulled from the game’s files before the update has even fully downloaded for us.

There are some very nice skins included this time, including Castaway Jonesy, that many people will recognize from various trailers over the last few months. Frankly, Mecha Team Shadow is the winner if we had to put it to a vote.

It also seems that Epic is trying to keep a secret, as one of the skins is currently just placeholders, with no name and no picture. What could it be?

You can see all the new cosmetics that have been added to the game below. There are a lot of them this time.

Skins and Backblings

Harvesting Tools, Emotes, Wraps