All the balance changes coming to Brawl Stars in Season 7

Season 7 is called Jurassic Splash.

Image Via Supercell

Season 7 of Brawl Stars is inching closer, and we have the first look at all the balance changes heading into the game. The new season will be called Jurassic Splash and will introduce two new brawlers to the game. It will be a massive patch with a plethora of changes that will significantly impact the gameplay. That said, here are all the balance changes coming to Brawl Stars in Season 7.

All the balance changes coming to Brawl Stars in Season 7

  • Brawlers won’t come with reloaded weapons immediately after they respawn. This is applicable even if you die with full ammo and will have to wait until the weapon reloads automatically.
  • The Gems in Gemgrab mode will now spawn in a fixed order rather than randomly spawning all over the map. Players will now be able to predict the spawn location of Gem, which will make the gameplay fairer.
  • The damage boost provided by 8 Bit’s turret has been reduced from 50% to 35%. However, his star power “Boosted Booster” will now give a 15% damage boost making him more well-rounded.
  • Belle’s attack can now only bounce up to 3 times. That said, bounces can now charge her Super, and the range of the Super has been increased by 6.7%.
  • Bo’s “Super Totem” gadget will no longer lose the charging effect over time. However, the gadget’s health will gradually decay until it gets destroyed completely.
  • Collete’s “Na-ah!” gadget, when used, will now add 1000 thousand flat damage to her next attack irrespective of the target’s overall health.
  • Nani’s Super will now deal 10% less damage than before. Her “Auto Focus” star power’s damage has been reduced by a massive 36%. To balance out the brawler, the charge rate on her Super is going down from 8 hits to 6 hits.
  • El Primo, Jacky, Bull, and Frank are now capable of charging Super by taking damage. It will take around 13,500 damage to fully charge a Super from the get-go.
  • Byron’s star power “Malaise” will now inflict 75% healing reduction instead of 50%.
  • Gale’s star power “Freezing Snow” will now slow enemies by 0.5s instead of 0.3s. 
  • Penny’s attack damage has been increased by 4%.
  • Shelly is getting a 20% speed buff to her projectiles when they are fired by her “Clay Pigeons” gadget.
  • Lou’s “Hypothermia” star power will now decrease the reload speed of the target by 75%.
  • The damage reduction provided by Jacky’s “Hardy Hat” star power has been reduced from 15% to 10%.
  • Tick’s “Last Hurrah” gadget will reduce the damage taken by 50% instead of 100%.
  • Stu’s Super will no longer knock enemies back. However, the damage inflicted by his Super is now guaranteed.
  • The effectiveness of Max’s star power “Supercharged” is getting reduced by 50%. Additionally, her attack damage is getting nerfed by 6%.

Although no official patch notes have been revealed yet, these changes will go live with the arrival of Season 7.