Aloy and the hint of Tallneck climbing are the highlights of Horizon Call of the Mountain’s latest trailer

It looks like you can climb a Tallneck.


Screenshot via PlayStation’s YouTube channel

The launch trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain, a flagship title for Sony’s PlayStation VR2, is packed with hints about what players will be doing when they finally get to enter the world of the Horizon series in VR for the first time. While it’s always nice to see Aloy, most fans are excited about the prospect of climbing a Tallneck.

The game might not be out for just under another week, but fans are already losing their minds about how good Horizon Call of the Mountain looks. Sony’s original PlayStation VR headset didn’t have the best visual fidelity, but PlayStation VR2 looks like it takes things to a whole new level using the power of the PS5. You can see every machine, craggy rockface, and character, including a surprise cameo from Aloy, in more detail than ever seen in a VR game on a Sony console.

We certainly weren’t aware that Aloy, played by Ashley Birch, was in this game. With the expansion DLC for Horizon Forbidden West set to be released on April 19, this PlayStation VR 2 title could tie into the series and set up some of the events players will experience when we finally get to jump into Aloy’s boots once more in a post-apocalyptic Hollywood adaptation.

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Fans have flooded the comments on this trailer, expressing their joy at how good the game looks both in terms of graphics and gameplay. A danger with some VR titles is that concessions are made in gameplay to make games look as good as possible, leaving little more than an interactive visual novel for players to enjoy. Horizon Call of the Mountain looks like it has a robust climbing mechanic, allowing players to grab any surface and ascend it. Eagle-eyed fans also spotted a Tallneck in the trailer and can’t contain their excitement about being able to climb one in VR.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is a launch title for PlayStation VR2. It stars a new protagonist who needs to uncover the mystery behind a recent machine attack in order to regain their freedom. Far from an easy-going affair, the game packs in intense climbing challenges and combat against fast-moving machines that long-time players of the series will be used to from Aloy’s third-person adventures.