Amnesia: The Bunker Hardcore Halloween Update Adds More Horror & Randomization

As if Amnesia: The Bunker wasn’t already scary enough, the Halloween update introduces terrifying randomization mechanics.


Image via Frictional Games

Amnesia: The Bunker is one of the most terrifying survival horror games out there. As if to poke fun at what scared players earlier this year, developer Frictional Games has now added to the horror.

The Hardcore Halloween update for Amnesia: The Bunker adds a plethora of new features to the game. In addition to two new game modes, players can now tweak their experience to offer as much or as little dread as they want. There’s even a shooting range so players can figure out their aim and the arc of thrown objects.

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Hardcore Halloween Update Adds Much More Horror to Amnesia: the Bunker

Available now, players can enhance their Amnesia: The Bunker experience in their next playthrough with the Hardcore Halloween update. The base game already had quite a lot of replayability, but now there’s even more on offer for those looking to dive back underground with The Beast.

One of the most impactful changes the update brings is new behaviors for The Beast. We haven’t tested these out in practice, but the crux of this is that the monster will be more unpredictable. That’s going to make hiding in the dark a lot harder since it was possible to predict the monster’s movements.

The first of the two new game modes is Custom Mode, where players can change the settings for everything in their playthrough to make it more of a challenge. The second is Shell Shock Mode, the most hardcore mode in the game.

On the toughest difficulty setting, players will need to spend fuel to save, made more difficult by a Fuel Room with a new code to find on the door lock, have to keep quiet in a Safe Room with breakable doors, and heal with Med Kits if they want to survive. In this mode, Bandages only stop bleeding. For those in the know, this means Rats might not be a problem, but death will come swiftly if players aren’t prepared.

The most interesting, or perhaps infuriating, part of this update is a new fuse system for lower levels. Players must find fuses to repair fuse boxes before restoring power to these areas. Meaning The Beast will always be lurking in full force until power is restored.

Amnesia: The Bunker was already a hardcore horror game, we said as much in our review. This update adds a tonne of replay value right in time for Halloween. The extra monster behavior and Shell Shock Mode are enough, but Custom Mode means people will be playing this game forever.