An unintentional Boat bug has Minecraft fans begging for it to be canon for fast-paced races

We just really want some MineKart action.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A recent Minecraft Snapshot giving the game content for the upcoming Trails & Tails update featured a bug that let Boats go up blocks. While it may seem a pretty pointless inclusion, players are hoping Mojang will incorporate this as a full-time feature to allow for interesting tracks to be made out of Ice. The below Reddit post houses some fast-paced racing and has caught the imagination of plenty of people that want to build fun tracks in their own world.

Unfortunately for these hopeful track builders, Mojang quickly patched the Snapshot, and Boats are back to not going up any elevation at all. Some are pleading to add Ice Slabs as a compromise to let Boats climb, but there is no word yet of this potentially happening. We imagine all content for Trails & Tails is set in stone already, so a change like this is not likely to happen this year, at least.

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While you typically think of water traversal with Boats, Minecraft lets you move them across Ice blocks. Blue Ice, in particular, lets you move the fastest. With this in mind, you technically could make a racetrack, but it would be limited to being flat since they can’t travel up blocks. Even pathway blocks like Carpet stop them in their tracks. Blue Ice blocks are already a common block to use for making highways to get around your world because they don’t melt. If players could make tracks that let racers go up and down, you could have some very inventive races like going around a mountain.

Mojang is pretty good at listening to its community, so we definitely think there is a chance we could see an implementation of Boats climbing blocks in the future if they notice that players want it. The only time they don’t want to work something in is if it can be harmful to anyone, like how Frogs used to eat Fireflies, and we don’t see that happening here.