Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.2.0 introduces Leif and Redd, reduces earned interest

Almost a new beginning for the game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons every upcoming event

Image via Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just been updated to version 1.2.0, introducing new NPCs and changes to the way the Nintendo Switch exclusive works.

The latest patch adds a world map that players can attach to a wall and look right away, and most importantly, has reduced earned interest from the money they deposit at the ABD.

Users will be notified by an in-game letter that earned interest has been reduced, and the reason behind this change is to keep the internal economics healthy and more regular after the initial release.

As compensation, players will get a shirt similar to Timmy and Tommy’s or a bell-bag rug as a gift. They’ll both be available for purchase using Nook Miles.

Two NPCs have been added: Leif, from the gardening shop, whom you can unlock following a few simple steps, and Redd, from Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler, available upon completing certain quick tasks. They were both featured in the recent datamining efforts. 

Seasonal events have been added, and in particular, the Nature Day event kicks off today and will be available until May 4.

The official changelog also mentions that the update has “addressed issues to further ensure an enjoyable gaming experience,” without detailing which issues have been fixed, though.