Apex Legends players are getting jump scared over anniversary event ambient noises

Calm down. No one is rezing.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends is currently in the middle of its four year anniversary event, and players are jumping in to try out the limited time Team Deathmatch mode and earn rewards along the way. What they didn’t expect, however, is to be met with sound effects early into their matches that cause instant dread. Aerial vehicles now fly overhead as an environmental addition for the anniversary, and they come with an audio cue that is strikingly familiar to an opponent trying to revive a fallen teammate.

Apex Legends enthusiasts have taken to Reddit to vent about their moments of terror. Many players hear the sound of these planes and are instantly transported into a scenario where another team is about to resurrect someone thought eliminated, which can alter the entire course of the match in their favor. It is not something a player wants to let happen, and so hearing the familiar noise, even with slight differences, can trigger a fear response for a brief moment.

Other players have mentioned that the planes also leave behind visual aerial trails that some mistake for Valkyrie’s ultimate ability. No one wants to get caught alone for that, and so any hint that trouble is afoot above you can cause instant panic to even the most hardened legend.

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Some fans have reassured those who keep falling for the sound effects that they will likely go away when the anniversary event ends. This means that they hopefully won’t have to deal with the drama for long. Audio cues can be a great environmental hint in games, but it is important to make them distinct from other important noises or you just might give a surprised player a miniature heart attack.