Apex Legends Season 15 launch trailer confirms new Battle Royale map location and a brewing rivalry between two Legends

Catalyst looks to avenge her war-torn home of Cleo.

Screenshot via Apex Legends’ YouTube

It is no secret that Apex Legends looks to deliver a brand new Legend and map once Season 15: Eclipse releases. The battle royale has already given fans an interactive sneak peek into its moon-based map, though the season’s official launch trailer has done much more. The cinematic reveals the backstory of why the Apex Games are changing locations, but it goes the extra mile to tease Catalyst’s ferrofluid abilities.

The footage instantly opens with Catalyst taking on other Legends with one of her defensive abilities. Although it is unclear what exactly her skillset entails, she is shown placing ferrofluid down to trap enemies in their place. It also points to another move that allows the character to create a towering wall, slowing down any threat that walks through, as even speedster Octane evidently has trouble breaking through this barrier.

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However, the cinematic dispels more than just Catalyst’s potential gameplay features. A flashback hints that Legend Seer had made a deal with notorious villain Duardo Silva to make the moon of Boreas, Cleo, the new home of the Apex Games. This is not the first time the moon has appeared in Apex lore either, with the previous episode of Stories from the Outlands having detailed Catalyst living on Cleo. Of course, this results in drama between the two Legends. As Seer attempts to explain his decision, Catalyst refuses to hear him out and begins gunning for him and his teammates.

Those wanting to see more of Season 15: Eclipse before its November 1 release date won’t have to wait long. Developer Respawn Entertainment has said its official gameplay trailer is slated to drop on the morning of October 24. In the meantime, players who managed to salvage a Golden Ticket in the battle royale can currently take a tour around parts of the incoming Battle Royale map in-game.

via Apex Legends’ YouTube