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Apex Legends Wintertide Collection Event to introduce a new Prestige skin and revive a classic holiday LTM

Expect frosty new skins to be aboard the Winter Express.

With live-service games slowly dishing out their latest winter content, Apex Legends is officially following suit with its incoming Wintertide Collection Event. It marks the first major event within Season 15: Eclipse, but that is not the only milestone for the battle royale. Upon its launch, players diving into Wintertide will have the opportunity to unlock the game’s third and latest Prestige skin, all while protecting a massive train from two other squads in a returning LTM.

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Debuting on December 6, the Wintertide Collection Event gives Legends the freedom to progress toward 24 new cosmetics — most of which dazzle with sharp icicles and a hefty amount of armor. This includes its Legendary skins for Bloodhound, Bangalore, Valkyrie, and even Newcastle. Of course, it would not be a collection event without a grand prize for those who earn all 24. This prize is Wraith’s very own Apex Voidshifter Prestige skin, a previously-leaked Mythic cosmetic with two unlockable styles that each gift her a stylish mask.

Like all Apex winter events before it, the collection will be accompanied by limited-time game mode Winter Express. The round-based LTM consists of three trios fighting for control over a moving cargo train on World’s Edge that is decked to the halls with colorful lights and Christmas trees. Best of all, players who take advantage of the LTM’s return can grind through its rewards tracker for new charms, a Gibraltar skin, and an additional Wintertide Apex Pack.

via Apex Legends’ YouTube

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While Wintertide is live, the game store will also provide options to purchase new and old holiday-themed skins through bundles. However, players should act if they want to experience any of the event’s content, as Wintertide is currently scheduled to end on December 27. The announcement follows the release of Apex Legends Mobile’s Underworld event update, which brings two new, fast-paced game modes of its own and ropes in Revenant to its roster of Legends.

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