Apple Working On AR/VR Gaming Focused Headset, According To Bloomberg


We reported, just a few days ago, a rumor about Valve and Apple working together on a VR/AR headset that would also be featuring gaming applications. Today, we do have some additional intel and on very good authority, as the rumor is coming from Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, Apple would be working on a VR and AR device, a headset that would be combining both these two worlds to launch it in 2021 or 2022. The device is said to have a “focus on gaming,” so perhaps you can expect it to work with Apple Arcade.

The company is said to have 1,000 engineers employed on various VR and AR projects, and the team would have been made up by executives who have previously worked on gaming projects for Apple, so that focus seems likely confirmed.

Former game developers and graphics “experts,” with NASA engineers, would have been employed for the task, so it seems that the plan is rather ambitious. The team would be working close to the Cupertino campus in Sunnyvale, California.

It’s clear that Apple wants to do something about its iPhone revenues declining, and the first thing they’ve done is expanding its portfolio of services with entertainment and gaming. It might be too late to jump onto the VR business by 2022, but maybe by that time, the tech will be finally truly established and will offer room for some serious innovation.