Apple Reportedly Launching Subscription For iOS Games

According to a new report, Apple is set to launch a new subscription for gaming on its iOS-based iPhone and iPad devices.

It’s quite different from Google Stadia, though, since it’s not going to be a streaming platform but something a bit ‘simpler.’

The idea is to allow you to play all the paid games on iOS, or at least a selection of them, by paying a monthly fee.

Apple is looking into manner to increment its revenues after iOS devices sells are going down and down on a yearly basis.

This would be a good way to do that together with the news and video services which are set to be revealed later today.

Anyway, the Cupertino giant is also thinking at an interesting system to provide participating developers and publishers the right revenue.

Indeed, devs and pubs would be receiving revenues based on the time that subscribers would be spending on their titles.

This premium subscription would not be including free-to-play apps but only paid games, so don’t expect the likes of Fortnite to join anytime soon.

Based on the report, the announcement could be coming as early as today or later in the year at a developer-focused conference.