Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Breaks Combat With 300+ Damage Per Turn

One player has created a true martial art master in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Baldur’s Gate 3 has proven to be a playground for players, with its freeform approach to gameplay and clever use of D&D rules allowing players to do all kinds of unique builds and approaches to the game. For one player, that’s involved making a monk capable of blasting their way through enemies with ease, thanks to their incredible damage output.

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Clever Multiclassing and Feats Leads to Broken Monk Build That Crushes Enemies

Image Via Larian Studios

Redditor u/OrkoTheMage is responsible for this powerful monk build, and shared an image of their Unarmed Strike and the multiple damage die and additions their attacks get. In this case, their attack can deal between 21 to 40 damage, with a mixture of bludgeoning, psychic, and force, and thanks to their class setup, they are able to dish out over 300 damage on some turns.

They were kind enough to post details on how they created this powerhouse in the post, stating they used a multiclass-comprised of eight levels of Way of the Open Fist Monk, three levels of Thief Rogue, and had the Tavern Brawler feat with a strength score of 22. Thanks to this combo, they have two attacks and three bonus actions each turn. With two Unarmed Strikes and the chance to use three Flurry of Blows, each with two additional attacks, they can make eight attacks a turn and potentially hit anywhere from 168 to 320 damage a turn. They were also nice enough to list gear that adds to this absurd damage, so players can give it a go themselves if they choose to.

The comments following this player’s post are of other players both praising and impressed with this build and discussing their own and the rules of 5e as a whole. If anything, this is another example of the creative and freeform way players can enjoy Baldur’s Gate 3 and the sheer amount of possibilities players have when making their character. Even recently, we’ve seen summoner builds, WWE Owlbears, and one player who just wanted to murder everyone they could in their playthrough.

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Our point is, Baldur’s Gate 3 is proving to be a sandbox for players, and we can expect to see many more fans doing creative and out-of-the-box things in the future.