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Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Kills Every NPC In Act 1 & Stores Them In One House

They even took the time to organize their bodies by race.

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are doing all kinds of creative and wacky things during their playthrough, from unique builds to hilarious roleplay and everything in between. For one player, they let their intrusive thoughts take over and have gone on one of the biggest killing sprees we’ve seen so far.

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One Player’s Taken the Murder Hobo Trope to the Extreme

Image Via Larian Studios

The murder-crazed player in question is Redditor u/caufenkamp, who shared their approach to adventuring on the official Baldur’s Gate Subreddit. In their pictures, we see a massive mountain of corpses that the play has amassed by killing what seems to be every NPC they could find during Act 1. They even shared a work-in-progress picture with the room at varied stages of fullness just to really drive home their murdering spree.

As you might expect, other users jumped in to comment on this player’s approach to the game, with the top comment reading, “Some people choose to play the urge, this guy IS the urge.” Others shared the same kind of comments, with some other choice comments being “Homie is RPing as the Darkest of Urges” and “This has to be the most chaotic evil dark urge thing one can do, right?” One comment also pointed out a rather grim yet funny detail to this player’s endeavors and how they had stored the corpses, with the undead in one area, Mind Flayers in another, and humans in their own.

Its certainly one way to play Baldur’s Gate 3, and it’s not the only noteworthy approach or discovery we’ve seen from the game since its release. Recently, we’ve had one player using the power of weight and height to pull off some WWE-style attacks with massive damage—or one player who created a summoner party and marched into battle with a horde of minions.

We can expect to see more as players dive deeper into the game or get ready for second playthroughs, though I’m not sure how this player will top their murder house, but who knows, maybe they’ll manage to fit the whole game in somehow.

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