Baldur’s Gate 3 Turns WWE With Owlbear From The Top Rope Maneuver

One Baldur’s Gate 3 player has taken Inspiration from the WWE and performed a royal smackdown on their enemies.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Baldur’s Gate 3 does a fantastic job of emulating the D&D’s freedom and freeform gameplay, and players are using all manner of creative thinking and combinations of moves to pull off seriously impressive feats during their playthroughs. That includes this newest clip involving a WWE-style takedown involving a huge Owlbear and some crates.

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Player’s Creative Thinking Leads to High Damage Put Down That Rivals Some of Wrestling’s Biggest Stars

We’ve said and showcased on Gamepur how creative players can get with Baldur’s Gate 3’s mechanics, like having a party full of summoners to cover the battlefield in minions. In one of the newest examples of players getting clever with their combat, we see X user (or Twitter as most people still call it) @EllohimeTwitch perform a WWE-style slam down on a group of enemies that get some of the biggest damage we’ve seen.

In the short clip, we see the Ellohime use a combination of spells, boxes, and shapeshift to pull off the attack, and thankfully, they provided details on how they pulled off the feat. For starters, they use several boxes stacked on one another for extra height atop a castle wall. They then cast jump on themselves and shapeshift into the Owlbear. Lastly, they take an Elixir of the Colossus to enlarge themselves and leap from the boxes down to their enemies. Thanks to Crushing Flight scaling with mass and negating all fall damage, they could leap with no problem, and with a weight of 5005kg and a leap of over 30 meters, the resulting damage is 821 bludgeoning.

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This isn’t the only instance of this strategy being used in combat, with another user on Reddit named u/Fishbleb making a similar move and hitting 1,170 damage. We imagine plenty of other players are using this to their advantage. With the amount of freedom the game offers, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other various or interesting ways players use the game mechanics to pull off impressive feats such as this.

You can expect us to cover other creative Baldur’s Gate 3 moments like this. We love to see players getting clever with the game, and we hope to see many more instances like this for a long time.