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Bandai Namco gifts Elden Ring folk hero “Let Me Solo Her” an engraved sword, wooden portrait of Malenia

A prize fit for an Elden Lord.

An Elden Ring player best known by the handle “Let Me Solo Her” made waves earlier this year when he started joining other players’ games to take down Malenia — arguably Elden Ring’s hardest boss — all by himself. What’s more, he’s successfully solo’d the boss thousands of times armed with nothing but a pot on his head, and his two trusty katanas. His impressive feats eventually caught the attention of Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco, and in May, LMSH revealed that the publisher had sent him a gift for his in-game efforts. 

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LMSH stated today that after roughly two months, the gift has finally arrived. The Elden Ring folk hero shared some photos on Twitter, and it is quite a sight to behold.

The part of the package that stands out the most is undoubtedly the sword engraved with the phrase “Rise, Tarnished.” The package also includes a wooden portrait of Malenia, a map of the Lands Between, and what appears to be a replica of Melina’s cloak. The gift is virtually identical to a promotional box that was distributed to influencers around the game’s launch, but LMSH’s does include one extra item: A handwritten congratulations card from Bandai Namco that includes a drawing of the player’s in-game avatar.

In addition to thanking Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware for the gift, LMSH also shouted out the Soulborne community, including notable members of it like Zullie the Witch and VaatiVidya, for inspiring him as a creator. “I hope they know that they have inspired me to be who I am today and continue to be awesome,” LMSH said.

In May, LMSH announced he had slain over 1,000 Malenias. Just a few days ago, he revealed on Reddit that his kill count had doubled to over 2,000 Malenias slain. Both LMSH’s popularity and his achievements have led to many in the Soulsborne community creating tributes to the player, including fanart, sculptures, and even mods that add LMSH as a summon.

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