Elden Ring modder adds Let Me Solo Her as a Spirit Ash Summon

Let me summon you.

Image via Garden of Eyes

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Elden Ring is full of legendary characters, but one PC player of FromSoftware’s latest Soulsborne adventure has proven to be a true lord. Let Me Solo Her has risen above the rest, and now they’ve been immortalized as a mod.

Let Me Solo Her rose to prominence over the past few weeks. As their name implies, this legendary player takes on Elden Ring’s hardest boss Malenia all by their lonesome once summoned. In fact, trying to fight alongside them will not go well. Let Me Solo Her has become a video game folk hero, and thanks to a new Spirit Ash Summon mod, anyone can summon them for any boss fight, not just Malenia.

The mod in question was created by famed Soulsborne YouTuber Garden of Eyes, who previously made one that put Bloodborne in first-person. A sizzle reel shows the Elden Ring mod in action, as Let Me Solo Her takes on Mohg, Hoarah Loux, and of course Malenia. Be warned, some players might consider those fights spoilers, so watch the video below at your own discretion. Garden of Eyes has provided the mod on Patreon, so you’ll have so to subscribe there to get it yourself. Note that using any PC mods in Elden Ring will require you to play the game offline.

For those curious, yes — Let Me Solo Her’s identity has been revealed by the player themself. Reddit user KleinTsuboiOW came forward a few days ago, immediately receiving all manner of praise on their thread. They also shared what one of their one-on-one fights with Malenia looks like from their perspective.