Be a Minecraft Maverick with the Minecraft x Megaman X crossover pack

Sizzling blocky circuits!

Image via Mojang Studios

Pull out (or craft) your X Buster as Minecraft is partnering with Capcom to bring Mega Man X to the pixelated behemoth for a new crossover. The Mega Man X DLC by 57Digital is available starting today on the Minecraft Marketplace and comes with a host of goodies for players to experience. Fans are justifiably reacting with interested, yet perplexed excitement, even though this is not even close to the strangest crossover Minecraft has ever had.

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The Mega Man DLC pack will let players dive into classic levels from Capcom’s popular franchise redone in a blocky 3D environment. There are also 14 skins of familiar characters from Mega Man X, and several unforgettable songs from the game’s soundtrack. Hearing the iconic Mega Man audio track in the announcement trailer has definitely triggered some nostalgia on Twitter.

The DLC also features some villains to defeat. Vile in his Ride Armor, along with four additional bosses —Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Armored Armadillo, and Sting Chameleon, make their pixelated presence known. Defeating them allows players to face off against Sigma in his four-stage fortress.

Players will grow stronger by collecting bolts throughout the stages to purchase equipment in the Hunter Base between each mission. Upgrades include heart containers and extra lives. This is also where players can find the red reploid, Zero.

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Of course, some Mega Man fans are now considering getting Minecraft just to experience new content from the series. While unexpected, this is a pleasant surprise to many, and players can already dive in with their friends to shoot up some classic baddies.