Bethesda’s Starfield is coming November 2022, and it’s an Xbox and PC exclusive

The game will be next-gen console exclusive.


Screengrab via Gamepur

The first trailer to debut during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase is for Starfield, a brand new IP from Bethesda. The trailer itself shows off more of the cinematic side of things, but we do find out some important news. Mainly that the game will debut on November 11, 2022 and that it will be an Xbox Series S/X and PC exclusive. It will also be available day one for Xbox Game Pass. The official Bethesda Twitter account also revealed that this will be the first of its games to use the Creation Engine 2, which was built for next-gen consoles.

Though not too much is known about Starfield, according to the studio, players can create their own characters as they explore deep space and seek to discover what “humanity’s greatest mystery” is. The visuals on display are impressive and hopefully we’ll see much more of what this game has to offer in both gameplay and character customization. The teaser website went online today as well, which features slightly more information about the game.

Earlier today this same Starfield trailer that premiered was leaked by The Washington Post shortly before the showcase aired. It’s certainly not the only leak during E3 2021, as Ubisoft had three itself yesterday. Rocksmith+ was the third leak from Ubisoft, while the other two were Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope for Nintendo Switch and Far Cry 6’s season pass content.