All Baldur’s Gate 3 Romance Epilogues, Ranked

Every romanceable companion gets a cute romance epilogue in Baldur’s Gate 3, but which are the best? Here are our thoughts.

Baldur's Gate 3 Romance Epilogues Ranked

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Withers really pulled through with that companion reunion in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Patch 5 epilogue. Seeing everyone’s faces is great, but I’m way more curious about how my life with my loved one unfolded.

There are a ton of romance epilogues in Baldur’s Gate 3. After all, they must account for all the silly minor and important major choices you’ve made in your three-digit hour game. Though all eight companions get to share a moment with you, some are much more heartfelt than others.

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Every BG3 Romance Epilogue From Patch 5, Ranked

1. Shadowheart

Shadowheart Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

Shadowheart’s epilogue gives you an adorable sneak peek into your shared life.

If you went for the Selune path, you two live in a farmstead with four dogs, eight cats, nine chickens, six pigeons, four sheep, Daphne the milk cow, an odd little squirrel, and Buttons the pup. I can’t make this up. The dialogue lines show just how accomplished her personal path is now that she gets to live a quieter life in a cottage in the countryside with you by her side.

If Shadowheart is still an avid Shar supporter instead, she’ll be too busy serving her goddess to raise cattle. You’ll run into her at the reunion and talk in great ex-lovers style. You might even sneak in a kiss or two, but you’ll ultimately part ways.

2. Karlach

Karlach Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

If you choose to head down to Avernus with Karlach, her engine will calm down, and you’ll share a cigarette in hell. You’re there to support her, and she’s more than grateful. Later, Withers’ call to assemble with friends and allies grants a temporary escape from the relentless Blood War.

Karlach’s unbridled enthusiasm is downright adorable. In a heartfelt moment, you catch a glimpse of life in Avernus together, making the experience even more endearing. What adds to the charm is her sheer excitement at seizing a fleeting window of life, if only for a brief moment.

3. Gale

Gale Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

Gale’s evolution into a professor is hands down one of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 romance epilogues out there. His interactions with you and Tara are simply delightful. He radiates happiness, gratitude, and an amusing obsession with his appearance. He’s transformed into an adorable bookworm who’s quite content to stay put in his library — a role that makes him way cuter than the once-frustrated wizard pining over his ex-goddess lover.

God of Ambition Gale is, on the other hand, kind of sexy, I’ll give you that. His voice gets a bit deeper, and he’s, as he puts it, an improved version. With him no longer draining your magical items and instead proposing to elevate you to deity status, it does hold a certain allure.

4. Astarion

Astarion Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

While I love Astarion’s romance scenes, I think his interactions with you in the epilogue are a bit superficial, especially if he’s not Ascended.

In his “spawn romance” epilogue, Astarion expresses regret about being tied to the shadows. However, your conversation by the docks can offer a glimmer of hope, sparking a journey to bring him into the sunlight. While he’s incredibly happy, Astarion, never one for warmth and friendliness, doesn’t show much excitement about reuniting with other companions. Instead, he encourages you to mingle with everyone else. There’s a sense of peace and camaraderie, but it feels like your journey as a couple is only halfway realized rather than fully accomplished.

Ascended Astarion is a whole other story, and for the worst of reasons. He’s arrogant, shallow, and won’t engage with anyone at camp. There’s an unsettling vibe as he sends you off with a rather creepy “I’m always watching.” Sure, if you’re into the whole evil power couple thing, it might be fun, but otherwise, Ascended Astarion is a walking red flag.

5. Laezel

Lae'zel Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

As expected, your life with Laezel is endless warfare. There are no cottages for this Githyanki fighter, I guess.

In your conversation, she admits that being together surpasses the thrill of battle, but not before diving into more kith’rak matters. If I had romanced Lae’zel and was faced with even more killing to do in the romance epilogue, I’d be pretty disappointed. I’m tired, lady. I’d like to take a nap.

Luckily, in one of the final moments of the conversation, our couple shares what feels like their first “I love yous,” creating a surprisingly tender moment.

6. Wyll

Wyll Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

Regardless of whether Wyll has become the Grand Duke or set out on a mission to save Karlach in Avernus, he’ll still share a cute moment with you in camp. He has come a long way, but he’s still the very same Wyll you met at the beginning of the game, professing his love for you in the most theatrical way possible.

6. Halsin

Halsin Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

Halsin’s romance epilogue, much like his presence throughout Baldur’s Gate 3, is a bit mid. The only line of dialogue I can rescue from all of this is him referring to himself as “Daddy Halsin.”

Apart from that, he mainly questions if you’re certain about your love for him and commitment to aiding Thaniel’s people, offering little else in terms of memorable dialogue.

8. Minthara

Minthara Romance Epilogue BG3
Screenshot by Gamepur

In the epilogue with Minthara, you lead a new army of Misfits in the Underdark — a pretty badass scenario. But truth be told, by that point in the story, a break from all the fighting would be a welcome change.

Also, because there aren’t many evil characters in your party, Minthara doesn’t really bat an eye at the chance to reunite with every other companion.