Blizzard fixes Overwatch 2 auto-buy bug but hangs on to players’ money

A tough launch gets a little tougher.

Image via Blizzard

Overwatch 2 was released last week in a surprisingly shambolic launch which saw the game ridden with problems like massive queues, server issues, and characters from the previous game remaining locked. One of the most insidious bugs that launched with the game was one that saw players accidentally buying skins when using the chat function.

The bug, which was flagged up by Redditor u/Dracyoshi, appeared to be a problem with the system registering the use of the keyboard as a way of navigating the menu when on the Hero Gallery screen. Since two presses of the space bar is all that’s needed to buy a hero skin, some players were finding themselves wasting premium currency on skins they didn’t want or need just by typing in the chat. Thankfully, this bug has seemingly been addressed by a hotfix patch rolled out on October 7, according to an update from Dracyoshi.

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However, it’s not all good news. The bug may be squished, but Dracyoshi and the other players who have commented on their Reddit thread say that the official line from Blizzard is that refunds will not be issued. According to Dracyoshi’s support ticket, all in-game unlocks are “meant to be final,” whether purchased erroneously or not. The most recent record on the official Overwatch 2 forums of “Known Issues” with the game and fixes provided makes no specific mention of this particular bug despite it seemingly being fixed, which suggests that Blizzard considers this a small enough issue to sweep under the rug.

Still, there’s something undeniably unjust about forgoing refunds for those affected, let alone making no actual public reference to a bug that saw people lose actual money. If the cause is an issue with the code — such as allowing the keyboard to pull double duty as a part of chat and navigating the store — then it’s hardly fair to put the responsibility for the purchases on the players.