Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut add-on delayed to April

The studio says it’s devoted to ensuring the “best possible experience.”


Image via 2K

The Director’s Cut DLC for Borderlands 3, which was set to launch on March 18, has been delayed, as revealed by a recent status update from the official Twitter account. According to the update, the delay is “due to challenges arising from the severe weather that impacted Texas last month,” and the add-on will now launch April 8.

The update goes on to confirm that all the developers and their families are safe but their work was “unavoidably disrupted,” so they decided to shift the release date to ensure players have the best experience possible.

The DLC pack will allow Season Pass 2 owners to participate in a raid featuring a boss battle with Hemovorous the Invincible, which has been called “one of the greatest end-game challenges” by developing studio Gearbox. Also, a campaign called Ava’s Murder Mysterious will give gunners a new detective gameplay mechanic in order to solve various crimes in Pandora, Promethea, Eden-6, and Nekrotafeyo.

There’s also new weapons and gear included in the pack through challenge-based progression tracks known as Vault Cards that award players with brand new loot upon completion. The first Vault Card is called Fallen Heroes and will go live once the DLC releases next month. It offers up to 28 exclusive pieces of loot including new skins, heads, and legendary gear.

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