Bungie apparently plans to revive the Marathon franchise, insiders report

Are we ready for something new?

Image via Bungie

The Bungie team has reportedly decided to hit us with a franchise most of us haven’t heard from in years. According to apparently leaked insider info, the developers at Bungie are planning on reviving the Marathon franchise after more than 20 years. The first Marathon game was released in 1994, with two sequels following up in 1995 and 1996. If true, this would be the first game in more than 10 years since the Bungie team worked on a different game than Destiny.

Insider Gaming claimed that the game will be a three-man squad extraction PvP shooter. The plot of the supposed new Marathon game will be set on an abandoned human colony planet where cyborgs are now the show’s center. These cyborgs are known as “Runners,” and they venture into the world to gather loot and resources. By the sound of this, players will most likely play as these Runners in hopes of extracting loot from various game maps, while also battling other player cyborgs.

A few years ago, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons made promises that the company will “have other franchises within the marketplaceā€ and that this should happen by 2025. Consider this with the 2018 news that Bungie trademarked “Matter,” the insider report about the potential revival of Marathon seems to be the answer the fans have been looking for these last few years.

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Bungie fans have been calling this “Escape from Destiny,” to hint that the game sounds a lot like Battlestate Games’ successful extraction PvP shooter, Escape from Tarkov. It seems likely that Bungie had a few choices to make regarding which recent popular shooter genre to forgo in (i.e. battle royale, extraction, etc.), and has chosen the one that has been on a steady incline.