Destiny 2 on mobile looks even more likely after new Bungie patents

Guardians would definitely use a Samsung Galaxy.

Image via Bungie

We first heard word about a mobile Destiny game a full year ago, when a Bungie job listing suggested that such a project was in the works. Now more evidence has been uncovered, and it’s looking quite likely that we’ll be able to hold Destiny in the palm of our hand in the future.

The Game Post discovered a set of six patents filed by Bungie earlier this year but only recently published. As you can see from the example image below, the patents revolve around touch screen controls. Auto-aiming and swiping gestures are also seen in the patent collection. Additionally, there seems to be an option to cast the gameplay onto a nearby screen while controlling it from the mobile device. If you’re at home, it would make sense to just boot up the PC or console and play at that point, but mobile game casting would make for a good option while on the road.

Image via Patentscope

Along with these mobile control and casting concepts, Bungie is also working on an entirely new mobile game engine. A job listing for a mobile platforms engineer in April mentioned that the studio was looking “to reach players on iOS and Android” devices. Destiny 2 already has a popular companion app, but this implied something very different — something that would be necessary for making Destiny itself run on mobile devices.

There’s even more in the works at Bungie beyond mobile content. Yet another job listing suggested the studio was developing a “third-person action esports” game, something different from Destiny. Prior to that, the studio hired League of Legends animation director Derick Tsai with the intent of creating Destiny movies and TV shows. It’s all part of Bungie’s plan to extend the world of Destiny beyond just games.

But as far as the games go, the next expansion coming to Destiny 2 is Lightfall, which will send players to Neptune and let them wield new Strand powers. Lightfall launches on February 28, 2023.