Bungie teaming up with Twitch Prime to give you free Destiny 2 Exotics

You can bypass RNGesus completely, if you have Twitch Prime.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Yesterday might have been a tricky day for Bungie after an update did a magic trick and made everyone’s Glimmer disappear, but today promises to be better. The developer of Destiny 2 is teaming up with Twitch Prime to give players six months of free loot, totaling 24 different items, the majority of which are Exotics. 

The giveaway was meant to begin yesterday but was delayed when Bungie had to take down the game servers for several hours to resolve the Glimmer issue. To claim the loot, you need to link your Bungie and Twitch accounts and be a Twitch Prime subscriber. Each month, four new items will be given away, and you can collect them from Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar. 

A datamined image from JPDeathBlade on Twitter shows the full list of items that will be up for grabs. 

Veterans shouldn’t get too excited, as all these items have been around for a while, and there is a good chance you already have them. Anyone who joined up for New Light should find a lot of items they don’t have yet, however. You can find a full list of all the Exotics you can get from this giveaway below.

  • Suros Regime Exotic Assault Rifle
  • Coup de Main Ornament for Suros Regime
  • Skyline Flipside Shell
  • unsecured/OUTCRY Ship
  • Praxic Finery Ship
  • Poultry Petting Emote
  • Sails of Osiris Ship
  • Age of Tomorrow Shell
  • Prometheus Lens Exotic Trace Rifle
  • Eye of Osiris Ornament for Prometheus Lens
  • Tyrant Shell
  • Fleet Ska IX Ship
  • Death to Kells Ship
  • S’more Emote
  • Star Map Shell
  • The Whipcrack Sparrow
  • The Prospector Exotic Grenade Launcher
  • Belvedere Ornament for The Prospector
  • Hecuba-S Sparrow
  • Pintail Shell
  • Burnout Sparrow
  • Cerebral Explosion Emote
  • Plasma Shell
  • Stellar Pavements Ship