Bungie outlines upcoming Destiny 2 Lightfall weapons and gear in a flashy trailer, giving players Cyberpunk vibes

Lightfall is not messing around.

Image via Bungie

The latest trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming, highly anticipated expansion, Lightfall, has dropped. In it, Bungie focuses on the major thing that brings all Guardians together: loot. The trailer details some upcoming weapons and gear players can look forward to earning by playing through the expansion, and these items are expected to appear throughout the campaign. It also highlights the powerful Strand abilities players will unlock when they make their way to Neptune to take on the Witness and Calus.

The sizzler reel showed off never-before-seen weapons that will appear in Destiny 2, such as the Final Warning sidearm, the Deterministic Chaos machine gun, the Crytarachne’s Facade Hunter helmet, Abeyant Leap Titan leggings, and the Swarmers.

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One of the more standout weapons to appear in the trailer was the Winterbite, a Statis Glaive that will freeze enemies with frost orbs. It appeared close to the end of the relatively short teaser. It showed off a slow-moving ice orb that systematically struck at enemies, freezing them in place for Guardians to quickly dispatch and shatter into the ground.

The overall aesthetic of the upcoming Lightfall expansion has been pushing fans further into neon cyberpunk. This latest trailer throws everyone in the deep end with the Final Warning sidearm, a weapon with charged tracking rounds that fans believe was heavily inspired by the smart weapons from CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

Although Strand was not directly shown throughout this trailer, fans got a glimpse of this upcoming Darkness ability would be working alongside their new weaponry and gear. We see this highlighted with the Titan class, as they unleash a Strand-inspired barricade that fires out multiple green bursts, and enemies hit by these bursts are thrown into the air, dangling helplessly from various neon-green Strand tendrils. While Strand was not the focus in this trailer, getting a small taste of this upcoming element that unlocks for players in the Lightfall campaign was a rare treat. Lightfall drops on February 28 and will take place on Neptune.

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