Bungie explains Destiny 2 outage and provides more chances for Deepsight Resonance weapon drops before Lightfall

More rewards for your space wizard.

Image via Bungie

Another Thursday means another This Week at Bungie (TWAB) post. While much of the news surrounding updates to rewards for Season 20 and the kick-off for the year of Lightfall was released yesterday, we now have clarity on what caused the massive Destiny 2 outage Tuesday evening.

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According to Bungie, developers used a powerful tool to move Triumph data related to the EDZ and Nessus Destinations from the Forsaken section into an archival section. This tool alters a player’s state, one of the core datasets that makes up what they’ve done, when, and what rewards they’ve earned. Due “to a configuration error, [Bungie devs] accidentally re-ran an older state migration process used for the Beyond Light release. As a result, [they] ended up re-copying old data from before Beyond Light into the current configuration, essentially undoing certain aspects of player progression since then.”

In short, some player data was rolled back by more than a year, and Triumphs, Titles, and other rewards earned in the intervening time disappeared. The Destiny 2 downtime and player data reversal were meant to identify exactly what the error was and to ensure it never happens again.

In lighter news, because Season 19 is the last season of the year but has a huge number of craftable weapons, Bungie is making all Season of the Seraph Deepsight (red border) weapons guaranteed for your first focus of the week at the Exo Frame. Before, we could only get one guaranteed red border Seraph or Ikelos weapon every week; now, every day brings a new opportunity. This update also applies to every other Seasonal vendor, going as far back as Season 16.

Iron Banner is also seeing its reputation rewards buffed on January 31, after the miserable first week’s grind. Iron Banner armor and emblems also have their reputation multiplier increased, so hopefully, it will be much more comfortable to grind out Banner gear when the time comes.

Lastly, Bungie opened voting for the Festival of the Lost armor coming in the fall of this year, with “creepy crawlies” being the main theme. Players can now vote on which insectile creature they want to dress as when the spooky season arrives once again.