Call of Duty developers release joint statement assuring game-breaking bugs will be patched in all titles

The shooters’ developers finally notify fans of incoming fixes after months of silence.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

From Warzone players having weapons with unlimited ammo to Modern Warfare ultimately being unplayable for thousands, the Call of Duty community has noticeably dealt with almost an unfathomable amount of bugs. Despite players attempting to raise awareness of these issues for months on social media, the developers have only now responded to the backlash in a joint statement.

In a lengthy message via the game’s official Twitter account, the developers noted they are “hard at work addressing the issues that are being experienced across Vanguard, Warzone, and Modern Warfare.” It later mentioned that major issues such as invisible character skins and guns in Warzone and matchmaking bugs in Vanguard are currently being assessed.

The statement also told fans that “we feel your frustrations” and that they should watch for updates on incoming fixes, but no timetable has yet been given for when these bugs will be patched. However, the tweet does provide at least some hope for the Modern Warfare player base, as most have not been able to play the 2019 shooter since the arrival of Warzone Pacific last November.

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via Call of Duty’s Twitter account