Call of Duty: Mobile Dominates With Over 170 Million Downloads


Though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is doing exceptionally well for Activision, it’s not the only game in the series that’s winning over players.

Sensor Tower recently revealed some interesting numbers for Call of Duty: Mobile. The estimates indicate that, over the course of its first two months, it’s been downloaded more than 172 million times. In addition, almost $87 million has come from the game through player purchases. Though that’s small potatoes compared to AAA Call of Duty releases, it’s still considered a success.

However, those numbers are a slight drop from the game’s launch, with 100 million of those downloads coming within its first week of release. Still, 20 million downloads for November isn’t anything to scoff at, with $31 million in revenue coming from that alone.

Most of the downloads come from the U.S. market. It’s leading with approximately 17 percent of its overall audience, followed closely behind by India at 10 percent and Brazil with 7 percent. The U.S. market is also responsible for the most spending, with 42 percent of players making purchases.

It’s unknown where Call of Duty: Mobile’s popularity will go in 2020. But it’s got a huge audience of players, along with an initial free-to-play system to welcome newcomers into the fold. So it’s a safe bet that the developers at Tencent will continue to update it accordingly.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available for download now on the App Store and Google Play for Android devices.